MATCH 云端流程和资产管理系统


A CG or VR production composes of a complex network of dependency between shots, users, tasks, asset, textures, takes, files, budget and time.?Without a proper management system, Clients, Directors, Producers and Artists often struggled to keep up with every detail. As a result, artists would end up working on wrong files, Directors signing off on wrong versions, Producers mis-scheduled, budget overblown, and clients left frustrated. Such human errors are very hard to detect and expensive to fix. Budget, deliveries and quality are consequently compromised.

In order to help remove human errors and keep every detail contextually accurate, we developed MATCH – our cloud-based pipeline solution?that is available anytime anywhere. It ensures the tracking and dependency of all shots, asset, schedule and involved staff. The idea behind MATCH is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) where everyone is aware of the latest version/take of a shot/sequence, and work is accordingly delegated and managed.?In addition to traditional productions, it?also has specific features to allow similar intelligence for 360 degree VR content creation.

In addition to its features, it affords users?to create “what if” simulations?to help balance creative ideas against time and cost. Furthermore, it offers our clients transparency, security and allows?real-time annotation?and feedback. MATCH is a powerful tool to ensure efficiency and?has been described as “like having 10 senior supervisors on the team”!




Previously MATCH has been our in-house pipeline tool. We have decided to make it available for everyone and expect beta to be available in February 2017. Our goal is to make MATCH a CG pipeline you can rely on, while with minimal setup cost.

If you are interested in beta testing MATCH, please register your interest and we will be in touch.


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