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While we are known for our fun and friendly work environment, it might come as a surprise that we are very selective with our recruitment. We very much care for our staff yet at the same time,?it matters to us that they?too care about their own professional development.?As such, we look for more than individual skills. Teamwork, communication, discipline and the ability to learn (and adapt to new software)?are just as important. Diplomats, “Yes Man” and people who’d mindlessly?follow orders are not going to fit in.

Yes, we have high expectation. Nonetheless, we are?very reasonable and democratic. We wish the well being of our staff?and do not abuse their right. We work hard to avoid crazy long hours and sleepless nights?typically associated with the Chinese CG industry. We operate fairly and want you to enjoy your time at work, as well as having a balanced lifestyle.

If you share our vision and strive for healthy challenges, then we most certainly want to hear from you! Sending us your show-reel is a good start. A hint: your show-reel does not need to be long, it needs to only include your best work!

We will list job openings to fulfill specific roles in the following?section. However, if you demonstrate solid understanding (not just?button-pushing) of the followings, we are always able to find a role for you:

– Houdini (Scripting, VEX, CHOP, ROP & Houdini Engine)
– Nuke (Scripting, Match-moving, 3D projection, and Live/CG Integration)
– Mari (for movie quality texture painting)


Current Opening:

New roles to be announced in February 2017, please contact us if you wish to be updated.


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