2017 Show-reel

Feel free to contact us for a high-resolution version of our show-reel.

Our Services

3D Animation, CG & VFX

For films, TV series, TVC & game trailers

IP Development

Opportunities to co-fund and co-produce IP’s

CG Pipeline Consultation

MATCH – CG Pipeline collaboration in the cloud


VR, AR and MR content creation

VR Live Broadcast

Live VR broadcast for concerts and events

Professional CG & VFX Training

Tailored for projects, businesses & education facilities

About Fresh Tuna CG & VFX

Fresh Tuna are a team of enthusiastic and talented artists and programmers specializing in creating CG and VFX content for films, games, television and VR/AR. As the saying “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” goes, we feel that our skills and passion can be seen through our portfolio and show-reels. We praise ourselves of our professionalism as we care as much about our client's projects as our own.

While we are good artists, we are proud that our technical skills are equally valued by our clients and colleagues. Combining the two, we have the ability to create visual effects beyond the standard smoke and fire, cloth and hair, and fluid. If you can imagine it, we can do it!

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